Pumpkin Oat Cups

I feel like I hopped on the pumpkin recipe train a lot earlier this year, but I am not mad about it...and I hope y'all aren't either! 😍 With only 6 ingredients, these pumpkin oat cups are perfect for any time of day. Not only are they a great grab-n-go breakfast but they also… Continue reading Pumpkin Oat Cups

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Pumpkin Black Bean Brownies

Does anyone feel like we jumped into fall a littler earlier this year? No matter what the reason, I'M HERE FOR IT. I knew a few months ago that my first pumpkin recipe would be with my basic black bean brownies and they turned out ooey, gooey and oh-so-yummy! While shopping for the ingredients, I… Continue reading Pumpkin Black Bean Brownies

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Maple Balsamic Vinegarette Dressing

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in most salad dressings? You wouldn’t believe what kind of stuff they sneak in there! Interestingly enough, I feel like the ingredient list for salad dressing often gets over looked. You would think think they’re quite simple, and while some are, most are not. And for a high-quality… Continue reading Maple Balsamic Vinegarette Dressing

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PB + Oat Energy Bites + HUGE SURPRISE!

‼️SURPRISE‼️ I launched a YouTube channel! My first ever video is the beginning of a series called Bake w/ Char! In case you're new here, Charlotte is my 2 & a half year old who LOVES to bake + take foodie photos with me, so naturally she had to be in the launch of my… Continue reading PB + Oat Energy Bites + HUGE SURPRISE!


Our Experience Attending Wedding During Coronavirus + 2 New Brewery Reviews

2020. Times are weird, right?! We originally got invited to a wedding to be held in May, but with Covid-19, the Bride and Groom unfortunately had to reschedule. They set their re-scheduled date for this past weekend (August) and because it was one of my good friends from college we decided to attend. The wedding… Continue reading Our Experience Attending Wedding During Coronavirus + 2 New Brewery Reviews

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5 Books I’ve Read In 2020 via Amazon

I was never a reader growing up, I mean yes—when I was younger I liked to read, like most children, but after that, it never kept my interest. I was the kind of person to read a full page and completely check out while “reading,” get to the end of the page and say, “wait,… Continue reading 5 Books I’ve Read In 2020 via Amazon

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Blueberry Coconut Oat Cookies

Y’all know I love this banana oat base for cookies, but I tried a new combo and I’m in love... and so is Char! 🍪🍪🍪 This is a simple recipe so let’s just get straight to it! PS--this post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a tiny commission when you shop through them.… Continue reading Blueberry Coconut Oat Cookies

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Pre-Workout Snacking: DIY Granola Cups w/ Nutsola

If you’re like me then you’ve probably spent hours wondering + searching for what you should fuel your body with before an intense workout. Well, I don’t have all the answers but I wanted to share a recipe for DIY granola cups because they’re affordable, easy and super nutritious making it the perfect pre-workout snack!… Continue reading Pre-Workout Snacking: DIY Granola Cups w/ Nutsola

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Mushroom Enhanced Coffee + Protein Smoothie

If you’re looking for a morning or afternoon boost without the jitters and added extra benefits, this smoothie is for you! I’ll be honest, I did not enjoy it as just plain old coffee... I like black coffee and this does not taste the same, however, I LOVE the benefits that Ryze has to offer… Continue reading Mushroom Enhanced Coffee + Protein Smoothie

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Favorite Products for LTK Day

It’s LTK Day which means when you shop via the LIKETOKNOW.IT. App, you get exclusive sales from participating brands! Click HERE to shop the photo and get the promo code for my fav coffee cup + running shorts! Click HERE to shop the photo and get the promo code! Click HERE to shop the photo… Continue reading Favorite Products for LTK Day