I Tried Intermittent Fasting for 7 Days + These are My Results

Let me preference this post by saying Intermittent Fasting is not a diet. It is not a quick fix. It is not magical. Some of the benefits may be magical and some may experience fat loss, but in my opinion, it should be looked at as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. So, what is… Continue reading I Tried Intermittent Fasting for 7 Days + These are My Results


2-Ingredient EBTB Sweet Potato Rounds!

Superbowl Sunday is right aound the corner, like TOMORROW and if your life is any anything like mine, then you have a whole board of pinterest recipes but haven't picked one or grocery shopped to prepare for any of them. Well, let me help you with that. I've got a super easy, healthy and DELICIOUS… Continue reading 2-Ingredient EBTB Sweet Potato Rounds!


Sustainable Living for Less Guide

Hi friends! With the endless options of sustainable living or less-waste, less-plastic swaps out there, I wanted to take the time to share a few of my favorite + affordable swaps. There are always areas in our life where we can improve for the betterment of our community, this Earth + our own personal health.… Continue reading Sustainable Living for Less Guide


5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

Happy November! Can you guys believe we are already prepping for Thanksgiving, Christmas and even 2020? To share my Holiday excitement, I wanted to share 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes I found on Pinterest. Sea Salt + Honey Caramelized Sweet Potatoes "These delicious and healthy honey-roasted sweet potato wedges are so easy to make and a… Continue reading 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

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Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 9.9-9.14

Good morning!! It has been a few weeks since I have uploaded my home workout plan and for that, I'm sorry! Life gets busy, unexpected things come up, things get put on hold but we just have to give ourselves some grace and move forward. Although  didn't upload them on here, I was still very… Continue reading Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 9.9-9.14

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Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 8.11-8.17

HAPPY MONDAY! This week we are headed over to Charleston, SC to vacation + visit family and I am counting down the days! We are actually staying Mt. Pleasant, just right outside of Charleston but there are SO many yummy restaurants in both cities that we are looking forward to trying. Be sure to follow… Continue reading Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 8.11-8.17

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Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 7.28-8.3

Holy cow, I cannot believe I am planning workouts for AUGUST. I mean I might as well start Christmas shopping! I am really excited for this week's plan for 2 reasons: I'm trying my first ever spin class (stay tuned for a post review) THIS IS MY LAST WEEKEND OF YOGA TEACHER TRAINING. How bitter… Continue reading Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 7.28-8.3

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Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 7.14-7.20

Wow. What an amazing and busy weekend! I wrapped my my last working weekend of yoga teacher training by actually teaching part of a class on Sunday. What an amazing experience. I cannot wait to finish up my testing in August and be certified 👩🏻‍🎓 helping others in their physical + spiritual journey is such… Continue reading Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 7.14-7.20